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Institute of Polymers at BAS
  • Institute of Polymers at BAS

    The Institute of Polymers (IP-BAS) belongs to the Nanosciences, New Materials and Technologies Division of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Since its establishment as the Central Laboratory of Polymers in 1974 (transformed into an institute in 1990), IP-BAS has gradually established itself as a leading national center in the field of polymer science. The mission of IP-BAS is to do advanced research, innovation and training in the field of polymers and polymer materials, which contribute to the development of science and technology and respond to the needs of the society and economy.

    The Institute's activities include fundamental and applied research in the following three thematic areas (1) New polymers and innovative polymer (nano)materials and technologies; (2) Polymer materials for use in biomedicine, pharmacy and biotechnology; and (3) Polymer materials for alternative energy sources and polymers from renewable and unconventional resources. IP-BAS research policy is in line with the National Strategy for Development of Scientific Research 2017-2030 and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialisation of the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as with priority areas defined in the EU Framework Program Horizon 2020.

    IP-BAS has highly qualified scientists internationally recognized in the field of polymers. The Institute has 60 full-time positions, 40 of which are academic (research) positions. Staff includes also competent specialists responsible for the maintaining and operating the scientific infrastructure, conducting experiments and analyses. PhD students are trained in the specialty "Polymers and Polymeric Materials". The Accounting and Administrative Department of IP-BAS has accumulated experience in the financial management and administration of projects funded by European and national programs, companies and others.

    Within the framework of the National Research Program E +, IP-BAS implements activities under Component 1 and Component 3 of the program. IP-BAS scientists conduct research related to the production of energy from cheap, efficient and stable polymer-organic solar cells. The task involves the design and testing of polymer-organic photocells on plastic substrates. IP-BAS scientists participate in the team working on the development of an innovative and environmentally friendly hybrid supercapacitor. Oligomers and copolymers are obtained for use as additives to organic ionic liquids and as a binder in the preparation of composite electrodes. IP-BAS scientists are also involved in the preparation of the analytical report "Critical Analysis of Modern and Prospective Methods for CO2 Capture, Storage, Conversion and Utilization", as well as in the production of effective adsorbents for CO2 capture.

  • Contacts

    Phone: +359 2 870 03 09
    Email: office@polymer.bas.bg
    URL: http://polymer.bas.bg/

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    Akad. G. Bonchev St., block 103-A,
    BG -1113 Sofia, Bulgaria